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Personals for Polyamorous People
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Hello, good evening and welcome.

Exactly what it says on the tin, if you are poly, poly friendly, and looking to meet/talk to like-minded people then come and join the fun.

Post an introduction or an ad;

You might want to fill out this questionaire

Name or name of preference:
Where in the world are you:
Tell us a little about yourself (interests, hobbies, kinks, etc):
Tell us a little about what/who you are looking for:
Any other information you want to share:


1) Be polite. We are all decent, civilised people here, so let's try and act like it.

2) Please try to stay on topic.

3) No quiz results. At all. This means you.

4) If you need to post a picture for any reason, please use an LJ cut.

5) This is a personals community, so obviously personals adverts are the name of the game, however other adverts are not welcome here.

Have fun!

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