Shain (colesparxx) wrote in polypersonals,

Try Me On For Size

Name or name of preference: Shain


Where in the world are you:
  Spokane, WA

Tell us a little about yourself (interests, hobbies, kink, etc):
I'm a 19 year old transgendered (FtM) bisexual, polyamorous male. I am currently in two relationships, one primary and one secondary both lasting a little over a year and a half. I love music and it is what fuels me and keeps me going. I'm your typical boy next door guy with a splash of eccentric nature. I'm laid back, calm and down to earth. However I know when to have fun and be rowdy. I have two tattoos and one piercing but there are more to come. I love to hang out and chill with friends but I also love cuddling up with an s/o and watching a good movie. I consider myself a movie fanatic and will watch a good movie whenever I can. I'm also big on animals and children. I would like to have children some day and I already have names picked out. My favorite animal is a coyote and just about any type

Tell us a little about what/who you are looking for:
  Friends, lovers, long term relationships, someone to cuddle up with, pen pals, to be honest just about anything. Even 7 headed dragons with firey breath. ^_^

Any other information you want to share:
I'm one damn sexy rocking trans dude. Oh and I also have yahoo and aim so if you want to chat then shoot me a line.
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