jagonzalouk (jagonzalouk) wrote in polypersonals,

Looking for Female Pen Pal

I'm looking for a female pen pal.  I've never discussed my interest in polyamory with anyone before so I'm looking for a pen pal that is willing to indulge me a bit.  I'm looking for friendly banter - but I'd really also like to speak frankly about polyamory from both the non-sexual and the sexual (explicit) sides.  I'd prefer a female of any age who has a taste for latin men (I'm Hispanic, with an all-American, athletic and preppy quality on the outside, but underneath I'm tattooed and pretty freaky).  I want to explore my thoughts a bit and wouldn't mind a bold woman who is sweet but confident and ready to chat bluntly!  I would prerer to chat on gmail but am willing to try something like messenger.  Attached or unattached: whatever your arrangement is I am open to this pen pal friendship.  I would prefer to be able  to verify that your really who you say you are to some degree if we start writing; but first I'd like to hear from someone as described above as it is really hard to find a pen pal interested in such a specific subject.

Aside from the aforemeniotned I have traveled the world and love music.  I actually really get into a really diverse set of subjects - so conversation is unlikely to be boring.
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