Caer (caer9892) wrote in polypersonals,

okay, let's try this.

Name or name of preference: Caerlina


Where in the world are you:
 Elk Grove, Illinois

Tell us a little about yourself (interests, hobbies, kink, etc):
I'm a 18 year old bisexual, polyamorous female. I am currently single and I find this very hard for me at the moment. I'm a lover of movies and bowling. Those two things are love. I'm currently in school and am looking to go into exercise science next year. I'm loud and obnoxious at times, but I do know when it's time to calm down and be serious. I'm not a very trustworthy person, but I know when someone is the right person to let into my life. I'm not a very outdoorsy person, I like it better inside. I have one tattoo, but am looking to get a few more and a piercing or two are on the way.

Tell us a little about what/who you are looking for:
  Friends, lovers, long term relationships, someone to cuddle up with, pen pals, to be honest just about anything.

Any other information you want to share:
I also have yahoo, msn and aim so if you want to chat just ask.
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