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Quality Companion Needed for Cruise Vacation

Name: Cherise, on behalf of B
Age(optional): (34), he's 32
Where in the world are you: (NJ), he's in Austin, TX
Tell us a little about yourself (interests, hobbies, kinks, etc): Prolly the best, quickest and easiest would be to look at my LJ profile, his profile on OK Cupid and the personal ad below.
Tell us a little about what/who you are looking for: a sweet natured, intelligent and vibrant woman to accompany him on a cruise to Mexico.

Any other information you want to share: I'll be cross posting to other appropriate LJ communities.

Greetings to You,

I'm a renounced polyamorist female searching for a sweet natured, intelligent and vibrant woman to accompany one of my dearest friends on a cruise to Mexico. When we'd made our plans several months ago, I was dating other men, and one of those relationships has now deepened into a monogamous one with the potential for permanence, throwing quite the monkey wrench into the situation. The cruise has been booked for the latter half of February, but my friend is now lacking a quality companion for the five day trip. Would you be interested in helping us?

Here's his self summary from OK Cupid: http://www.okcupid.com/profile/magickal/.

This description is spot on-- he is the most honest person I know, desiring high standards in his relationships and has helped me grow immensely as a human being. He possesses a wry wicked wit, sharp intellect and passionate ambition. I've come to him countless times for help with my computer, my love relationships, and self-esteem. We've nourished an intense and spiritual friendship for five years, despite having 1503 miles stand between us. His character commands that much respect, which he returns in full measure. He is my mentoring Dominant and I trust him with all BDSM matters--- he is exact, meticulous and attentive. He is seeking someone for a real connection and would be delighted if this could lead to an ongoing friendship.

I must admit feeling sharp pangs of envy for the lucky woman willing to take my place. If you're interested in meeting him, able to travel to Austin, TX and can cover the port fees (~$200), please contact me at qualitycruisecompanion@letterboxes.org. Even better if you are an Austin local and can meet him before the trip. I'd be grateful knowing you have the time and inclination to build a rapport with him, and then move gracefully into five days of outstanding quality time in a spectacular locale.

Thank you!

EDIT: 13:56 08-Jan-09 - B suggested a better title, rather than "Vibrant Lady Needed to Chaperone a Quality Catch". Thanks! ~^..^~
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