remi3 (remi3) wrote in polypersonals,

Hmmm, ok lets try this site.

Name or name of preference:  Reina
Age(optional): 28
Where in the world are you:  Rocky Mountain West
Tell us a little about yourself (interests, hobbies, kinks, etc):  camping, hiking, music, writing, reading, anything outdoors.  I am not really that kinky unfortunately but I am very sexual. 
Tell us a little about what/who you are looking for:  A bi female that appreciates both my husband and I as individuals, someone that believes in having two life partners, two soul mates, two loving affectionate wonderful people to share their lives with. 
Any other information you want to share:  That's it.  My livejournal has a link to my myspace if you're interested.  Or its remidotriad as my display name if you are tech challenged like me.
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